Our high-end motorcycle care products make taking care of your machine easy and fast.

Discover below how the BMW Motorrad Factory Riders use our products to keep their motorbike in top shape.​

How to

Clean the chain of your motorcycle

Want to spend less time cleaning and more time riding the twisties?
Our high-end motorcycle care products make taking care of your machine easy and fast – including our ProRacing GP Chain Cleaner.

Check out this clip of BMW Motorrad Motorsport pilot Jérémy Guarnoni demonstrating the perfect chain cleaning technique on his own motorcycle!

How to

Lube your chain

So what comes next to have a neat and clean bike?🏍️ Champion's groundbreaking chain lubricant, of course!

See how Jérémy Guarnoni, BMW Motorrad Motorsport pilot, shows us the magic on his own motorcycle chain using our incredible Chain Lube💪

How to

Clean your wheels

Motorcycle wheels are one of the most notorious things to keep clean, with a combination of brake dust and road dirt that is hard to remove.

Everyone knows that clean wheels can really make a bike ‘pop’, but what’s the best way to do it❓

Let’s ask BMW Motorrad Motorsport pilot Ilya Mikhalchik, for some tips on using Champion Wheel Cleaner👀

How to

Clean your motorcycle

After a long day’s ride – on or off-road – your bike will wear the dirt, dust, and debris of an exhilarating adventure💥

Now, it’s time for a fast and efficient wash, with Champion’s full range of high-quality cleaning products specifically formulated for motorcycles.

Our Wash & Shine not only cleans your bike, but it also keeps it looking great long afterwards💯

Let's see Kenny Foray showing us how it is done!

How to

Clean your windshield

From bug splatter to dust, dirt and mud, your helmet visor and motorcycle windshield seem to attract all the wrong things!

Fortunately, we’ve developed just the right product: ProRacing GP Windshield & Helmet Cleaner💯

Now, let’s ask the latest Internationale Deutsche Motorradmeisterschaft - IDM champion and BMW Motorrad Motorsport pilot Markus Reiterberger, about the best way to clean our visor and windshield for better visibility and situational awareness.

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